Good Morning: Meet the candidates

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

It is that time of year once again. Election season for the fall elections is upon us, and soon voters across the region will hit the polls and make decisions on who should lead their communities for years to come.

For some communities, these decisions could lead to a massive shift in the landscape of city leadership new representatives come onboard city councils. The Sherman City Council, for example, will see at two new faces this fall in addition to potentially seeing a new mayor in the city's highest seat.

This election cycle could be an important one for the city as two incumbents are not seeking reelection for their seat. This, combined with the mayoral race, could see nearly half of the makeup of Sherman leadership shift in a time of growth and transition for the city.

In an effort to provide information to voters, the Herald Democrat will be publishing a series of articles on the six candidates that are running for Sherman City Council in three races. These articles will be released in the coming days and offer a view of who each candidate is and what they hope to bring to city leadership.

These articles will include background information on the candidates along with information on what projects or initiatives they hope to pursue or support if they are elected. It is my hope that through this I can help voters equip themselves with the information needed to choose the candidate who best represents their view and vision for the city moving forward.

I've always enjoyed the election for a variety of reasons. I've always enjoyed people watching, and this gives me the opportunity to watch the campaigns unfold and develop until decision day. Articles like these also give me the opportunity to meet the people who I may be working with in the near future if they are elected. It also gives me a chance to learn their plans and priorities, which is important information for a reporter.

I also encourage anyone who is able to vote to do so this fall. I firmly believe that voting is one of the more tangible and lasting ways that people can have their collective voice heard in governmental decision making. One single vote may not seem like much, but decisions have been made in recent years with only a small handful of votes deciding the outcome.