Good Morning: Pumpkin spice has arrived

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

People on social media are showing up with their pumpkin spiced every things and the football players are running down the fields on Friday nights. Marching bands are dressing out and putting together their yearly shows. All of the harbingers of autumn are here in North Texas except for the cooler weather.

Every week, the long range forecast puts the highs in the 80s at the very end of the long range forecast and every week it disappears by time those dates arrive. That fact is almost more maddening than the weather.

And lets talk about the weather. This has not been a record breaking year as far as the heat is concerned, but that is almost worse than if it had been. It hasn't been exceptionally hot, it has just been horribly, uncomfortably, expensively hot. For the third month in a row, the electric company will get a huge chunk of my so called disposable income. You know that money I have left over after I pay all of the bills that have to be paid? The electric bill is eating that amount like a ferociously hungry tiger.And it only wants steak for dinner no matter that I run on a hamburger budget.

Every time I hear that AC click on my first thought is joy because I know the cooler air is coming and the second is that tiger is looking for his next meal. I just wish the cooler weather would come on so I could put him back on his winter diet. I have plenty of sweat shirts and thick socks to wear to keep him at bay, but there are only so many things a person can take off and still be decent.