Good Morning: Nose of a bloodhound, curiosity of a toddler

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I watch a lot of true crime stories on television and I am always amazed when they say "call in the dogs," and I see anything but a group of schnauzers come on screen.

Have you ever dropped something that you didn't want a schnauzer to find? Let me tell you from personal experience, that is the most terrifying feeling. In fact, the quickest way to get something found in a house with a schnauzer is to say, loud enough for the dog to hear, "I hope the dog doesn't find that."

You will see the lost item gain quickly. Now, if you can get to it before said dog ingests it, that is another story.

Case in point. one recent night I got out of bed in the dark and accidentally knocked the tv remote into the floor. I heard the back fly off of the remote as it hit the ground and immediately started to panic. The dog was still asleep in the bed and I was still practically asleep.

I could find the remote without turning on the light and waking us both up to the point where it would take hours for us to go back to sleep. But when I found it, I discovered that my fear was correct. It was missing a battery. I looked the best I could without the overhead light because I didn't want Bella "Sherlock's dog" to find it in the morning.

I went back to sleep mumbling about how I had to find that battery before she did because she might eat it and it could cause her harm.

The next morning I looked everywhere and couldn't find that battery. I figured it rolled to some out of the way place I would find when I deep cleaned and went on.

A few hours later I was working away on a story and the dog started dropping stuff at my feet in an attempt to get my attention. Mostly it was soft fuzzy toys. Then I heard a "plink" and looked down. There at my feet was the missing battery and the smiling dog who must have through she just brought me a diamond ring or something from the look on her face. 

Did I love on her and praise her for not swallowing the battery?


Do I think if they used schnauzers to look for bodies there would be a lot less missing people in the world?

Also, yes.