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Last week, Texoma entered into a season that is a favorite to many in the nation. Yes, that is football season.

One thing that definitely unites the people of Texoma is a love of local sports, and especially of high school football and the extra-curricular activities that are related to Friday night lights like cheerleading, band, hi-steppers and others.

Ahead of such activities in the county, the Herald Democrat published a series of previews highlighting local players and coaches. In the reports, the newspaper also talked about known plans for the upcoming season, potential changes that could take place and gave insight into who could make strides this season and who might need to be doing team rebuilding.

While pre-season previews are always interesting as sports lovers weigh in on who they think could take it all, each week the Herald Democrat will continue to preview games for the week and provide necessary information about season changes.

This information will come in two ways: printed stories that include roundups and long-form game stories and the weekly sports podcast.

The All-Texomaland sports podcast was launched in 2019 and publishes Wednesday evenings during football season. Have you listened to the podcast? Did you agree with the predictions?

With the uncertainty of the 2021 season, there may be season changes that take place after the audio is recorded, but we will keep readers abreast of the changes in our print coverage.

As always, look for the most up-to-date information about area games on our website http://www.HeraldDemocrat.com.

Right now, unlimited access to the website and e-edition of the paper can be purchased for $1 for six months. Other subscription options are available on the website.

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