Good Morning: The ongoing struggle of social media responses

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I am feeling a lot like the Britney Spears song "Oops, I did it again" these days when it comes to social media. I saw a couple of what looked like innocent enough posts that asked questions and I answered them. 

Then a few other people replied to my answers. Then a few more. Then even more.

Now, some of these people agreed with me and some didn't. Luckily, so far, only one person has called me an idiot, But what they are saying to me really doesn't matter. I just want to stop being tagged 50 times a day on each post. It seems like someone should build something into theses systems so that we can mark our posts as "don't tag me" when we post them. 

The most commented on post showing a fellow who had all kinds of face tattoos and piercings and asked what I would do if my daughter brought him home for dinner. I simply said I would welcome him in and treat him with the same respect I had taught my child to treat others.

Oh, my did that set off a wave of controversy.

As I write this, 131 people have responded to my response. I didn't think what I said was so worthy of comment. Aren't we all taught to treat others as we would like to be treated? The post didn't say he looked like that and had a rap sheet a mile long.

It didn't say he treated my fictional daughter poorly or was rude to anyone. He just looked odd to me.

I hold by my answer.

But I am getting tired of hearing from everyone who thinks I am a saint for responding that way and those who think I should reach for my gun and ask questions later.