Good Morning: Thoughts on 'Halloween Capital of North Texas'

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

The other day, I got an email that made me stop in my tracks.

We get dozens of emails every day and many of them are filled with some pretty wild stuff. However, this one was pretty bold.

This particular email said that Collin County had issued a proclamation naming Celina, a small town in Collin County, the "Halloween Capital of North Texas." 

"Really?" I thought when I read it.

That is like if Grayson County called itself the Christmas capital of North Texas because of Holiday Lights which is not the worst idea I have ever heard.

But, back to Halloween.

The email said Celina has an event called Beware! the Square and the community and schools get in on the act of celebrating the holiday. Now, I am sure that they love Halloween down in Celina, but North Texas is a very big area. I think they have failed to consider the super Halloween activities that we have right here in Grayson County.

The Herald Democrat's Halloween greeter for Fright Festival

While it is hard to pick just one of the great Halloween events in Grayson County to start with, I will pick Fright Fest.

If anyone has ever been there and witnessed the joy on the faces of the youngsters collecting candy at the Sherman Police Association sponsored event, they will probably second my decision to start there. Literally thousands of people show up every year to the free event supported by local churches, businesses and community groups. There is a live band and the place just smells of sweets and popcorn and fun.

Then there are the other local cities that open up their downtown to trick or treaters like Denison's Monsters on Main and Sherman's Trick or Treat on Travis Street. Then there are all of the churches that have fall celebrations that allow youngsters to celebrate the season with trunk or treats and party games and cook outs. When my darling niece was little, we could do something Halloween related every weekend in October and never do the same thing twice. 

Herald Democrat's booth at Fright Festival in 2016

I understand the Collin County's desire to jump out and praise a city in its county's efforts, but it feels like there should be some sort of committee and a competition. And, I think Grayson County should enter. We do a rock solid Halloween around here, pandemic not withstanding. 

Just wondering, what my hauntingly local readers think about  the "Halloween Capital of North Texas?" I mean are we gonna stand for that nonsense?