Good Morning: Has it been hot enough for you?

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

After a few days of nice rain, I was talking to a source about the weather and he said it really hadn't been hot very much this year.

I get his point. We have not had one of those summers where the 100 degree days started in May and didn't let up until September, thankfully. 

Nor did we have one of those summers where the rain stopped in March and didn't return until December. But just because we haven't had a record breaking summer doesn't mean it didn't get hot here. In my definition, hot is anything above 90 if the humidity is also up and it has been all summer long. If you don't happen to be blessed with air conditioning, which happened to me a number of times already this summer, then I would drop that number at which it gets hot down to 80 because that is uncomfortable if there is any moisture in the air at all.

Reading the extended forecast for this area is something of a compulsion for me. I am constantly checking it even though I know it will change. Right now, on Wednesday morning as I sit typing while listening to a gently falling rain outside, the forecast calls for low 90s for the highs for the weekend with lows in the mid 70. Then, it says middle 90s for highs for most of the week next week with lows in the middle to lower 70s. But, by the next weekend, it calls for highs in the lower 90s to upper 80s with lows in the lower 70s to upper 60s by the end of August. And there are decent rain chances throughout that extended forecast. 

Of course, that is going to change a lot by the time we get to the end of the month. But that is what they are saying right now. And let me tell you, if we get to say goodbye to the 90 degree days with August, I am not going to be weeping about it.