Good Morning: Friday took me home to Grayson College

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Friday morning, I got to go to a place I haven't been in a while even though it is just a hope skip and a jump away. I am talking about Grayson College. 

Work took me to the college for a board meeting about the tax rate and readers can expect a story about it in the paper soon. But once I was there, I was overcome, as I almost always am when on campus, with fond memories of my time as a student at Grayson College.

With the continual rise in the cost of higher education, I just don't know why every student from local high schools doesn't start at Grayson College. It really does have something for just about everyone whether a student is looking for a trade or a degree. And the cost at Grayson is so much less than it is at most four-year institutions. 

I was so pleased this morning to hear the board members talk about the college's pride in its mission to be the place to be for our newly graduated high schoolers. I heard them discuss even more ways to make it financially feasibly for any student who wants to continue their education to do so at Grayson. I just remembered very clearly being that scared high school graduate, the first in my family, who had no idea how to navigate the whole college scene.

Thankfully I had a high school counselor, Suzanne Buchanan, who said "start at Grayson and you will be fine." And man was she right. The small class sizes and the short distance to home made it the perfect place for me to spread my wings without getting lost in the massiveness of a bigger school.

At Grayson, I met people I cherish as friends to this day. I also learned the ins and outs of dorm life and the joy of being a part of a community centered on learning.

Enrollment at Grayson is ongoing and to anyone who isn't sure about where they are going after high school, I would echo Mrs. Buchanan's advice, "Start at Grayson and you'll do fine."

Jerrie Whiteley is the Criminal Justice Editor for the Herald Democrat. She can be reached at JWhiteley@HeraldDemocrat.com.