GOOD MORNING: Get to know your neighbor

Future Brown
Herald Democrat

In the coming weeks, readers may notice the return of some recognizable names in the paper. Yes, you do know that name, and yes, you do know that writer.

The Herald Democrat is launching a new section in the paper and the first piece in a long line of articles coming soon, can be found right next to this one in the print edition of the paper.

Today, we are introducing a category of stories called, "Get to know your neighbor."

In these feature stories, you will get to know some of the interesting people that call this area home, some interesting hobbies those individuals have and some interesting experiences those individuals would like to share. As a way to highlight the many people in this community and to draw attention to a number of human interest stories that can be found in this area, we wanted to group these articles in a way that would be easy to find and share.

And to tell some of those stories, the Herald Democrat has reached out to some favorite writers from the paper's past.

While we are excited about the section, there is more exciting news, and that comes with a big ask of our loyal subscribers. We would like to know who you think should be featured in the section. Who do you think has an interesting story that you think we should share? What kinds of human interest stories would you like to see in the newspaper? What are some fun hobbies that people do in this area?

For news tips or to share story ideas, email the Herald Democrat at news@heralddemocrat.com with "Get to know your neighbor" in the subject line, and for the first story, meet Lyndol Irby, a former high school football coach and principal who can now call himself a centenarian. 

Future Brown