Good Morning: Here comes the heat

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I will admit that I have a slight obsession with weather forecast. I love to look at it and try to figure out what the coming days will hold. I must also love being disappointed or I would find a new hobby.

For instance, last week, the weather predictors said we would be in for cooler temperatures this week with highs in the upper 80s for most of the week. That didn't happen. Now, that is not  the fault of the folks giving out the forecast. They made those statements based on the best information available at that time. The problem is that by the time one writes a weather story, the story has changed.

The real problem is that Mother Nature is a fickle gal. She is not afraid to send mixed signals or to go completely off script. She doesn't even mind when people get mad that she changes her mind at the last minute.

And we all know this, right?

But still, being creatures who like to know what is coming, we try to predict her whims. One of the things that I love to watch is the long range climate predictions by the weather experts. They go out as far as a whole year, which is kinda brave considering the daily forecast can be completely wrong.

But I was looking at those little gems the other day and noticed that according to those predictions, the state of Texas is supposed to have warmer than normal temperatures all of the way through August of 2022. The rain fall flips back and forth between a long period of below normal amounts and short breaks of above normal a couple of times according the charts.

Now bear in mind that the meteorologists say that these predictions don't mean every day will be above normal or that there won't be cold fronts. The overall picture, though, doesn't look good for those who would like to see a really cool fall or a white Christmas.