Good Morning: Tuesday night was historical for MLB

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I love to get excited about baseball, but generally that doesn't happen until much later in the summer. I don't even really start watching till August and then I only really like to listen to the games while I do other things. 

Watching the game just isn't as interesting to me. I guess that is because I come by my love of the game not from actually playing or attending games, but from listening to them in the newsroom while I wrote news stories.

Tuesday night, I was excited to listen as a few women made history by being the first all female on-air crew for a Major League game. Generally, the games I listened to over the years were handled exclusively by men. They were guys talking about men playing a man's game and it was generally a man in the room with me at the paper who wanted to watch the game. Occasionally, I would surprise a guy in the editor's chair by actually knowing what was going on in the game or with a particular team. But that generally only happened if there had been a lot of late night work for me at the paper that summer. I usually only knew of baseball what I heard during those late night work sessions. 

I can recall, over the years, occasionally hearing a woman's voice during the games but she was generally just one of the people in the mix. I can't believe we got all of the way to 2021 before all of the voices talking about baseball during the game on television were women. Thankfully, NPR ran a story about it or I would have missed the opportunity to be there listening when the history making event occurred. 

I almost went down to the paper's office to listen and write but decided that Bella and I could probably get something written while we listened to the game at home. However, I did miss having the sports guys in the other room yelling out their reaction to the game.