Good Morning: A return to normality

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

As the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect continues to pass, I have seen hints of normality return to not my daily life but those around me. I have begun to get out more often, and finally can feel a some relief from the stresses that I felt over the past year.

Despite all this, some part of the return to the normality — or as close as we can get post COVID-19 — are harder than others to adjust to. For me that is a return to crowds and crowded spaces.

Over the next week, I will get a chance to face that fear while returning to one of my favorite hobbies — watching professional wrestling. Some of my close friends recently invited me to go to a live major wrestling show in the Metroplex next week and I agreed to go with them.

In some of my previous columns, I've written about my interest in professional wrestling that dates back to when I was a kid. However, I mostly watched it on television. It was only shortly before the pandemic that I got the chance to attend a few shows in the area in person.

I've since attended a few more shows locally, but they have always been smaller crowds than what I am expecting next week. In general, I've made it a priority to avoid most crowds and gatherings.

When the pandemic started, I knew things — normal life — would change in the long term. I didn't, however, expect that I would feel the changes as personally as I have. Still, I hope to get over my issues with crowds as things return to normal.

Still, things aren't normal again quite yet. I still plan to take precautions and watch out for myself. However, I still hope to get out and have a good time with the friends I've been missing for over a year.