Good Morning: Christmas in July is on the way via Hallmark

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I know it feels like it is extra hot out there right now, but break out those candy canes and twinkle lights because the most love and romance-driven television network on earth is bringing Christmas to town this weekend.

Yep, Hallmark's annual holiday switcheroo starts Friday. I find this process a bit entertaining and a bit annoying every year but this year, it really bugs me because they are starting the whole thing on my birthday.

I have a summer birthday. So Christmas carols should only be playing if I decide to play them. If I got to pick my birthday, I would have picked Halloween. What could be better than a Halloween birthday? Everyone is having a party. It is cool enough to be comfortable but not usually so cold you can't go outside and do things. OK, generally it is too cool to go for a swim on Halloween, but not at Waterloo in Denison. So if my birthday were on Halloween I could have a Halloween pool party and have my friends come in costume bathing suits. But, I have gotten off point here.

Back to Hallmark, because if one likes cheesy Christmas movies in the dead of summer, the channel enough sugary sweet meet cutes to keep your tinsel twinkling for the next two weeks.

If, however, you bought a cable package with Hallmark because you like the cozy mystery series that generally run throughout the week and the marathons of those things that run on the weekends, you (and I) are out of luck for the next couple of weeks. Good thing the plan came with DVR services and I have plenty of stuff recorded. 

I love Christmas. I am even already making Christmas cards, but I do so to Bon Jovi music while sipping iced tea and not to  Christmas carols while drinking hot chocolate..