Good Morning: I am a social media lurker

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I may have confessed this before, but I feel like it is time to revisit the issue. I am on TikTok and have been for more than a year.

In that time, I have made zero videos.

That is right, I am a lurker. I simply exist on the app to watch and comment on other people's content.

Some people on the app don't like people like me being there. They think if you are there, you should create something. I just don't agree. I didn't join because I felt I needed a place to share my talent, find or express my unique voice or rant about anything. I joined because there were people doing things that were funny, and at that time, I needed all the funny I could get into my life.

Now, I feel like my job there is to sprinkle positivity through out the app as liberally as I possibly can. I like videos that range from baton twirling elementary school kids to professional actors just looking to talk about their favorite or least favorite role.

The one thing I never do is say anything negative about a piece of content. If I watch something, or start watching it, and decide it isn't for me, I simply move on.  I will admit that sometimes that self-imposed rule it hard to follow when someone says something that I find completely asinine. But then, I remember that the person who put that content up obviously didn't put it for me. It is meant for people who would like it and no matter how many red mad-faced emoji I leave on the content screen, I won't change that person's mind or the mind of the people who place little hearts all over the content. All I will do is draw more attention to the content that I found objectionable.