GOOD MORNING: A low-key Fourth of July

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

Over the weekend, I, along with people across the country, plan to celebrate Independence Day and the country's birthday. Over the course of the coming days, people will celebrate the holiday with cookouts, concerts, fireworks displays and other festivities.

With all that said, am I wrong in feeling like I want to have a more low-key holiday?

When I was a child, I remember making it a tradition to go out and watch the fireworks each year. We always had our choice of displays as we lived in the Metroplex. I remember going to watch the displays at the Ball Park in Arlington the most often. A few times we spent the holiday working and volunteering at events and charity runs over the holiday.

I continued to watch the fireworks until I was in high school when I spent the holiday more just relaxing with friends and family over cookouts and pool parties. I got back into the tradition briefly during my college years, but I haven't watched a display since taking this job with the Herald Democrat.

Over the years I've worked several of the holidays and covered the various events, including Lights on the Lake and Denison's annual displays. By the time I am done and ready to put down the pen, going outside to stare up at the stars is far from the top of my list of things to do.

To me, part of the magic was gone. Is it possible to simply grow too old for fireworks? Is it one of those milestones of growing up?

For this year, I plan to spend my holiday simply relaxing, taking it easy and getting away from the daily tedium, even if for just a little while. I will likely still cook out, but I hope mostly just to take the day as it comes at me — fireworks or not.