Good Morning: How quickly it all changes

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

My goodness, it seems like only yesterday I was complaining about the rain. Now I am complaining about the heat. It feels like someone turned on the oven and threw us all inside.

This region generally forgets to have a real fall by skipping from Indian summer to winter but this year, we seem to have forgotten about spring. We had a wet late winter and then BAM, here comes the heat.

This past week, I have worked on a number of stories that have made me oh so happy to be typing from my air conditioned home. One of those was the story of a number of animals rescued from a bad situation in a local town by DAWG over in Denison. 

Those who read this space often know I have a little schnauzer named Bella. As I type that little dog is right on my feet in front of a fan blowing on high. When I let her outside during the heat of the day, she is almost immediately back at the door wanting inside. Despite the dirt she brings with her, I let her back in as quickly as I can because I would not want to be left out in this heat.

Just thinking about that makes me remember the summers of my youth and those memories remind me that summer really is a season for the young. We never had air conditioning when I was a kid, not even window units. Because of that, we were outside a lot during the summer. My mother would open the back door and yell something along the lines of "See you at supper time" and out we would all go.

We went to the park or the pool or the backyard — any place we could find some shade. We drank from the garden hose or begged at the back door for Kool-Aid. My mom was no dummy. When she gave us that sugar loaded stuff, she insisted we stay outside till we ran it all off. That sounds so cruel to me now, but it was just summer back then. I either had a bathing suit, a baton or a book to keep me entertained. 

Now I run from my air-conditioned car to my air-conditioned house or some overly air conditioned building for a meeting or hearing. 

Jerrie Whiteley is the Criminal Justice Editor for the Herald Democrat. She can be reached at JWhiteley@HeraldDemocrat.com.