Good Morning: Oklahoma trip brings unexpected reunion

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Now that I have had a weekend to recover from my drive up to Edmond, Oklahoma, I have had time to think about some of the things I saw along the way. 

While I went to meet a famous author, the most exciting part of the trip serendipitously turned out to be a chance to catch up very quickly with some old and dear friends.

Some of you may remember the Herald Democrat's previous executive editor Jonathan Cannon and his wife Kimberly, who was our director of operations. They now live in Edmond where Jonathan works as senior director of internal communications at the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Kimberly is library operations manager at the Beam Library at Oklahoma Christian University.

Because I didn't know until the morning of the event if I was really going to go, I had not made plans with the Cannons to meet up and was pretty sure they would be too busy to do so last minute. But, they were able to get away from their busy schedules long enough to stop by and introduce me to the newest member of their family and meeting their little girl made meeting the New York Times bestselling author pale in comparison. 

Even the hot Oklahoma sun couldn't take away the joy of getting to see that little family together. In fact, we were sitting together talking when that author, Elin Hilderbrand, walked right by on her way into the store and the reporter in me didn't even flinch at the idea of getting up and chasing the woman down for an interview. The people in front of me were so much more interesting and important to me. I should note that I was not on assignment to meet Ms. Hilderbrand, 

In addition to getting to say an in-person hello to some great people, the Oklahoma trip gave me a chance to see some of the towns I sometimes see mentioned on local newscasts or weather updates including some that I know more from the movie "Twister" than anything else. I guess I should say I saw the exit signs for those places since I really didn't take off the highway along the way. 

I was very impressed with the green spaces along the highway in Oklahoma. It was so lush that I wondered if I were in Oklahoma or Ireland. The next time I go, I will make time to stop at Turner Falls rather than just drive through the area. I am thinking maybe I will make another trip in the fall to see the leaves change.