Good Morning: Scarpetta headed to television

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Just when I really needed some good entertainment news to keep me going, I heard that Jamie Lee Curtis and Blumhouse are planning to bring Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta books to television.

I have waited years to hear that someone was finally going to jump Scarpetta off the page and into living breathing form. I can't think of anyone better than Curtis to do it. Still, the news left me with more questions than answers. There are 24 books featuring Scapetta and I have read all of them a number of times. I am currently anxiously awaiting number 25.

So I am wondering where the television series will start? Will it go all of the way back to the beginning to "Post Mortem" released in 1990 or will it start somewhere in the middle, with "Predator" released in 2005? 

Who will play the characters that surround Corwell's forensic pathologist Scarpetta? Will those characters stay true to their book counterparts? Will all of the villains remain true to the ones in the books or will they take artistic license to change them up a bit?

People all over social media were going bonkers trying to pick who should star in each role. The choices were all over the place and I can't even begin to pick who I think would be best at any of the roles except that I would think Curtis would make a very good Scarpetta. But then, Curtis is good at just about anything she wants to play in my book. And she is really good with haunting or very weird subject matter. Kay Scarpetta books absolutely fit into that category. I hope that those who are in charge add some humor to the mix. That is one thing that was missing from the books in large part. 

The news piece I saw didn't get a time estimate for the books to appear on television, so I guess we will all have to wait to see what happens when. Till then, those of us who have been following this series for decades will just have to wait for the newest book in August.