Good Morning: Return to the movie theater was fun

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I am the kind of movie fan that would have scoffed at anyone who told me prior to 2020 that I would go an entire year or more without seeing a film at a movie theater.

Well one worldwide pandemic later and it has been more than 12 months since I have been the local theater. 

This past weekend, I returned to the movie theater. Though the room held no where near the number of people who might have been expected there on a summer holiday weekend, there were a several movies drawing people in last weekend.

The one I went to see was a romantic comedy called "Finding You." The two leading characters of the movie were new to me and not particularly memorable in their performance. I will say that Vanessa Redgrave is very good in performance of a woman dealing with regret at the end of her life. Also notable was Patrick Bergin for portrayal of an experienced Irish fiddle player who helps the female lead find a way to breath passion into her technically perfect violin playing. Bergin, of course everyone my age or older remembers, was the bad guy opposite Julia Roberts in "Sleeping with the Enemy," so it is always hard for me to root for him in anything he does. However, I did find myself cheering on his Irish fiddler in this movie.

But really, I was just ready to cheer at the very thought of being back in the movie theater at all. It was as clean a theater as I have ever seen and there were precautions in place to make it safe for those who were ready to see a movie on the biggest of big screens.

Now that I have been vaccinated and overcome my fear of returning to the enclosed theater setting, I expect I will be seeing a lot more movies in the near future. I only hope others will be able to join me there soon.