Good Morning: Looking forward to the fair

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I am looking forward to the fall. Truth be told, the warm season in Texas is not my favorite. Although, I have to say that this year's didn't start as early as some in the past. 

It really has only been slightly warm so far and sometimes the warmth starts way back in April or early May. The calendar may say that summer doesn't start till the end of June, but Texans know it can come anytime after the new year.

But this year I want to go to the State Fair of Texas in October. I haven't been in years and to tell the truth, the last time I went, I didn't have that much fun. It was a lot of walking and I wasn't ready for it. 

So this summer, I plan to put a lot of effort into building up my walking tolerance so that when the fall and the Fair roll back around, I will be ready to meet up with a friend and wander around the grounds until the sun sets. 

I have a friend who sometimes goes to the Fair every day that it is open. Some years, she goes a couple of times a day. She lives very close and is a true Dallas native. Every year for many years, she has sent me almost daily updates about what is going on at the Fair that day and I always wish I were there.

Then I remember that the last time I went, there was no place to sit down or get out of the sun. And that has kept me from wanting to go back. But I think if I put my newish gym membership to work, I might be ready for a day full of strolling by October. 

Just thinking about the Fair makes me want a corndog and a funnel cake. Maybe that is why the event causes one to walk so much — so they can walk off all of those fun food carbs!