Good Morning: A letter to the class of 2021

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

In this job, I am given the opportunity to watch people go through many of the important milestones in everyone's life. I've seen many first days of school and, of course, graduations. With that said, I often find myself comparing these moments to my own and reminiscing. 

I had one of those moments as I watched the Denison High School Class of 2021 cross the stage Saturday and start the next phase of life. As I stood there, huddled under a small umbrella, I couldn't help but have flashbacks to when I crossed my own stage and went from childhood to adulthood.

It still feels like it was just a few months ago when I graduated, but in reality the Class of 2021 was just being born. It was 18 years ago this month.

I still remember those days vividly because afterwards nearly everything changed. I found myself with a new level of freedom and the world around me seemed to open up with a myriad of possibilities. 

It was a time when designated bed times and school night's didn't exist. I remember many late night conversations with friends over pancakes for no other reason than we wanted to and we could.

At the time, I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to go in life, but I don't think anyone truly does know. We can have plans, but life has a way of directing the course of things even without our input. At the time, journalism was just something that I'd considered instead of what I truly wanted to do in life.

To the Class of 2021, Denison or otherwise, congratulations on reaching this milestone. Enjoy this moment of your life, because if will go by faster than you ever expect. However, don't feel the need to rush into things. Take these moments to understand not only the big world you find yourself in, but also who you really are.

That said, this is a time to figure out exactly who you are and what mark you want to make on the world. The last 18 years was the prologue, but now your story can begin.