GOOD MORNING: Finding old friends at the store

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

On a recent shopping trip, I happened upon something I haven't seen in years. I knew that they were making record albums again, but it has been years since I have seen an actual collection of new ones for sale. 

The sight sent me reeling back to my youth. And to the record stores that were so common back then.  I remember the one at Midway Mall. Actually, I think there were two.

Years before I even knew where Grayson County was, I bought my first record with money I made mowing lawns one summer. It was Andy Gibb's Shadow Dancing. Funny, I don't remember the last one I bought.

I don't remember what happened to the ones that I had accumulated. Cassettes just sort of took over very gradually. Then there were CDs. I think my first one might have been Garth Brooks. He seemed to be everywhere that summer. I think I played that CD until it wouldn't play anymore on my boom box. 

Incidentally, just a few rows over, I found one of those at the store. Incredibly, it costs more now than it did back then. I also saw a small portable record player. I don't remember what those cost back in the day, but they sure are not cheap now. 

One of the things that struck me about those little record players is their tiny little speakers. I wonder how long it will be before those big consoles come back with the television and the radio and the record player. Heck, new ones could even have space for a bar since they don't need room for the giant picture tube.

Just as I was reeling from the memories about the records, I saw that acid wash jeans are also back in style. It is like my 20s have come back around again.