GOOD MORNING: Most popular baby names for 2020

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I really like to keep track of lists. One that I wait on each year is the most popular baby names from the year before. The list for 2020 came out recently and i was curious to find out exactly what people were naming their young during a world wide pandemic.

The Social Security Administration said the most popular name for boys was Liam, and the next most popular was Noah. Oliver, Elijah and William rounded out the top five. Those are some fairly traditional names for such an unconventional year, I thought.

The top name for baby girls was Olivia and the second most popular was Emma. Ava, Charlotte and Sophia rounded out the top five. Again, those are some very traditional names.

I have particularly always loved Emma and have been happy to see it stay on the list for several years. Why? I think it ages well with a person. A small child can be called Emmy and then a teen can shorten it to Em before being called by Emma as an adult. 

Another name on the girl's list that I particularly liked is Harper. I really think that is a gender neutral name that can grow with a person throughout their lifetime. 

It really is hard to pick a name that will help a child establish an identity when the picking is done in the very first days of the child's life. Most people. I think, don't want to add the 12th Becky to a kindergarten class, but they also don't want to give a child a name so unique that it causes ridicule. 

Of course, my favorite little girl name of all time is Stormi Jo because it belongs to my favorite little girl of all time. But then, she would be my favorite no matter what my baby brother and her mother had decided to call her.