Good Morning: You don't miss it until it is gone

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

As the old saying goes, you don't miss things until they are gone.  It is the things that seem so inconsequential in life, the little things we use every day, that end up being taken for granted. However, the moment they are gone, we realize just how important they really are.

I had one of those moments this week when my work day was interrupted by a power outage. It served as something of a humbling moment for sure, but also brought out a resourceful side in me as I was still able to get the job done.

I still do not know what caused the power outage, but I can only speculate that it was related to the storms and related damage. What I did know was that the electric company estimated that the power would be out for the vast majority of the work day.

Throughout the day, I found myself returning to my normal habits and thoughts, but would constantly remind myself that I couldn't follow through with them. I would go to turn my lights on to brighten my room only to be reminded of my lack of power. Similarly, I found myself wanting to look things up online constantly, but couldn't.

After I got notice from the power company that it would be several hours before power was restored, I turned my attention to finding a way to work. I've often prided myself as having a job that I can do next to anywhere. However, an unpowered apartment is one of the more difficult places to get anything accomplished.

Thankfully, I had a laptop with a full battery and a cellphone with considerably less battery. I was bound and determined to get things done. So, I setup my laptop in my pitch-black kitchen, used my phone as a portable wi-fi hotspot and got to work.

It wasn't the most desirable way to work, but ultimately the stories were completed by the time my power was restored.

The lessons of the day was that for every modern convenience we have in life, we become more bound to it. When it is taken away, we find ourselves unable to work without it. At the same time, sometimes ingenuity and creativity can help make up for it.