GOOD MORNING: Everything old is new

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I was scrolling along on social media the other day and saw a post that made me laugh so hard I thought I might need to change clothes. As a woman over a certain age, laughing has consequences.

The social media post was a woman reviewing a pair of jeans she had just purchased. When she said the name of the "newest jeans" I almost fell over. She pronounced Jordache as "Jor fash hee."

It wasn't her fault she probably had never heard of the most famous jeans of the 1980s.  But the Generation X crew showed up in the comment section in full force and I am afraid some of them weren't so kind.

Just because those jeans where what all of us wanted on our backside in school pictures back in the day didn't mean that she should have been so unkindly attacked. 

In grade school, it was a such a pain to walk around in generic jeans when everyone else wore "the jeans." I was relieved when I moved, with my family of course, from Dallas to Whitesboro. At that point, a lot of the girls still wore regular jeans. Only to my dismay, they wore them with either boots that matched their shirts or preppy little sneakers with ribbons instead of shoelaces. I can't really remember which of those styles came and went first.

Somewhere in there, there was a phase where everyone wore more than one Polo shirt at a time with the collars popped. Sometimes they also wore ribbons for belts and through the eyelets on their shoes. 

All of that remembering made me wonder if those other styles are coming back with the Jordache jeans. I can live with the Polo shirts, but I don't think I will wear more than one at a time. 

Thinking about all of that made me realize how happy I am to be the age that I am. Though I like fashion and like to look at what is in style. Now, I know myself well enough to wear what I like and to add my own style to whatever the "in crowd' is wearing. Back in the first go around of Jordache, I would be scared to step out on my own in what makes me comfortable regardless of what anyone else thinks about. 

Being a teenager looks good in the movies and on reality television, but I wouldn't go back to that era for anything. Sure, some people say that is a time when we didn't have to worry about things like bills and jobs. I worried about those things as a child and on top of that, I had to worry about what a bunch of other kids thought about what I wore and what I looked like. 

Nope, I wouldn't go back for all the world.