GOOD MORNING: Keep those umbrellas handy as April ends

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

As I sit here typing, the thunder is crashing outside my window and the raindrops are starting to fall in earnest. It looks like April showers are finally on their way. 

A quick look at the National Weather Service's forecast for the area for the next few days shows a chance of a storm of some kind on most them.

The forecast shows at least a moderate chance of rain through May 12. The highs are going to be in the low 80s for most of that time and the lows in the 60s. That sounds like the heat is going to start its yearly build to "melt the sun" status in May but hopefully I am wrong about that.

As much as I hated this past winter, I am not a lot more fond of the horrible heat and humidity that the summer will bring. I am however better, and more practiced at dealing with the heat. I have an air conditioner in my home and in my car. I know where the swimming pools and lakes are located to cool off and I plan to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

All of that is easier than dealing with days on end with no power because some white stuff fell from the sky in conjunction with a cold snap. The heat may be oppressive, but at least I am not generally afraid to venture out of my house for fear of falling and breaking something during the heat waves.

Besides summer means lots of fun stuff like snow cone stands and fireworks and backyard picnics. It also means bugs the size of small planets and electric bills as high as mountains, but I am trying to stay on the positive side of things here.

Fresh berries that taste fresh instead of those that are grown somewhere and shipped in. The same can be said for tomatoes which is actually a whole food group in my kitchen. Thank goodness no one has yet told me I have to give tomatoes or I might decide to give up on everything. 

I am excited also to be able to find watermelons in local stores again soon. I haven't seen any yet, but with May just about here, they can't be far behind.

As I sit here and listen to the rain and dream about the summer that is to come, I know that I have friends in other parts of the country who had snow just last week. Snow in April! I think have of Texas would die if that were to happen here. 

Jerrie Whiteley is the Criminal Justice Editor for the Herald Democrat. She can be reached at JWhiteley@HeraldDemocrat.com.