GOOD MORNING: Snapping pics for a better Instagram

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I have a social media problem. All of the Instagram stuff I look at makes my account look kind of pathetic. Now, on the scale of world problems, I know this is nonexistent but as a person who is responsible for taking her own photos for article, I am thinking photography should be something at which I am always trying to improve.

I think working on my Instagram would help that. Of course, for about the last 13 months of so the only things I could get photos of were my dog, my desk, my fan, and anything else in my house that I might feel like sharing with the world.

Now that I have been vaccinated, I am starting to get out more and more and I hope that means I will have more reasons to take photos that should show up on my Instagram.

Part of the problem is that I am not young enough that sharing every photo I take via some sort of social media is second nature to me. I still think of photos as something to go with the story I am going to write. Even though we all know, "A picture is worth a thousand words." or so the idiom goes. 

All of this hit me Friday morning as I was cleaning pics off of my camera from the last few weeks. I had photos from a recent murder trial, a commissioner's court hearing, a celebration for 4H volunteers and some others. Why, I wondered, hadn't I posted any of those things on my sadly neglected Instagram account? I had more than one shot for everyone of those things.

Again, the only excuse I have is that it feels a bit foreign to me to think that everything I am doing all day long is worthy of a photograph that could be shared. I look at social media accounts that are really reaching people and I think that must be all some of those people do all day long. Now, I know there are programs that people can use to schedule those posts, but still someone has to put all of that stuff in those programs. Moreover, someone has to think of doing that every single day and of taking a different photo for every type of account because who wants to see the same photo posted in four different places? The experts say that no one wants to see that. 

So I guess I will try to take more photos at things and see if I can't up my posts to things like Twitter and Instagram. I hope that doing so will mean more of you will click through and read the stories we are writing about the great people who live and work in Grayson County because they are what makes this place such a great place to call home.