GOOD MORNING: Volunteerism does a community good

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Tuesday I was excited to get to go to see the Grayson County commissioner's court in person and watch as some long-time volunteers for Texoma Exposition and Livestock Show were honored. Some of those ladies volunteered for more than 40 years and I tell you a little secret, at least one of them said she was just stepping away from her official position. She fully plans to continue to volunteer.

This past year has been an odd one for a zillion reasons, but one of them is the lack of the number of times I have talked to volunteers for the various organizations in the county. Generally a year would see me talking to dozens of those people about the work they are doing for the community. 

This week, county leaders issued a proclamation honoring volunteers during National Volunteer Recognition Week. 

Grayson County, for those who don't know, works on volunteers. I don't mean county government, though there are volunteers at work there too. I mean the many organizations and nonprofits in the community. 

Volunteers do everything from feeding the hungry, to housing the homeless, to working with stray dogs and cats, to providing a voice for children caught up in the legal system. None of those organizations could afford to pay to get the work done that is done by volunteers.

Most would have to close their doors if they simply had to pay for the time volunteers spend fundraising for them. 

I think a lot of time people think they are going to have to make a huge commitment if they want to be an effective volunteer. While there are some places that ask for commitments ranging from weeks to months, many other organizations are happy to have folks who are willing to give days or even just a few hours every once in a while.

So in this week of celebrating volunteers, let me be one voice to say "Thank you" whether you volunteer at school for a child in your family, a local nonprofit, or your local church, you are part of what makes Grayson County a great place to live and we all should take time to appreciate you.