GOOD MORNING: Summer is expected to be hotter than normal

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

The National Weather Service has predicted North Texas be will hotter than normal this summer. I can't remember the National Weather Service ever saying North Texas would be anything other than hotter than normal in a summer forecast.

I am hoping that it won't be as dry as they are saying it might be this summer. Hot is one thing, hot and dry is a whole other thing. I don't like the burning summers. I worry about the people that get caught up in the fires and the property that is lost. I also worry about the firefighters who have to go out in the 100-degree weather dressed in bunker gear and try to protect people from the fires that are bound to start once everything dries out.

Now is also a good time to call that air conditioning repair place and have them give that old unit a nice look over whether it is in your car or setting outside of your house. A hotter than normal Texas summer is no place to be without air conditioning.

I am looking forward to snow cones and evening swims at the SPLASH with my darling niece and to park trips with my little dog. I am also looking forward to way my neighborhood smells on a Saturday night in the summer with people cooking out in their back yards. A guy down the street has a food truck and when he fires that thing up to get ready to go out to his sales spot, my house smells like a corner Cantina. Makes me want to dive into a pool of salsa and chips. 

It also makes me happy to live in a neighborhood where so many people with different backgrounds live in peace and harmony with each other even when we are all hot and ready for the heat to lift. 

And just to be sure, I am warning you all that it won't be long before I am complaining that is just too hot and it needs to cool off. I already have a calendar counting down till Fall because it is my favorite season of the year.