GOOD MORNING: Spring in downtown Sherman is beautiful

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat

There are two times of the year when I love getting to spend time at the Grayson County Courthouse and we are smack in the middle of one. Spring is a season that really shows the glorious old courthouse and its grounds off to its best advantage. The trees are a beautiful bright green that wanes as   the summer sun and  lack of rain sets.

Right now the shade that falls over the courthouse is a mixture of beautiful green that looks a bit like the photos I have seen of Ireland.

Of course the month of April means all of that green is accented Witt the dark blue ribbons tide around the aged trees to remind us all that this is the month set aside to remember the battered abs abused children on our county.

In addition, there are the flowers planted in beds honoring retired Grayson County Judge Horace Groff and retired Grayson County Sheriff Keith Gary. On the east side of the courthouse, there is a picnic table nestled between the building and the sidewalk that offers a lovely spot to eat lunch or just sit and watch the people walking around the square.

People watching is a prime sport in downtown Sherman during the week.

The few months of moderate weather that we get around here bring people our in droves both during the day and in the evening. The few eateries that have opened up downtown provide both food and entertainment.

My second favorite season to hang around at the square is the fall once that awful heat starts to back off.

This week, I will probably spend a good amount of time downtown and am grateful to get to do so.

Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat