A FULL-HEARTED LIFE: Skipping rocks

By Antonette Weatherly
Special to the Herald Democrat

My family spent a week in the woods of Colorado. While hiking a trail around our cabin we came to a lovely river, water clear as glass, flowing over a bed of stones. We soon began to show the little ones among us how to skip the rocks, when a friendly competition ensued.

I’ve walked many a shore watching my husband skip rocks. So much so that I’ve become his official rock finder. I don’t have a strong arm like my husband but I can find the best skipping rocks.

As we searched, there it was, a beautiful white stone, flat, wide, and smooth. It was perfect. I reached down, pulled it from the cold earth, and placed it in my husband’s ready hand. He immediately released it across the water.

The stone skipped gracefully before splitting lightening hard into the water’s surface. We collectively awed with approval.

“Nettie’s rock and Tucker’s arm,” my brother-in-law cheered.

In that moment the Lord spoke to my heart, “your rock, My arm.”

Immediately, I recalled Peter professing the identity of Christ. Peter says, "you are the Christ…” to which Jesus responds, “flesh and blood didn’t reveal this to you, but the Spirit of God, and upon this rock (this revelation) I will build my church” (Matthew 16:16-18).

As I am faithful to gather the word of God to my heart, (a treasure hunt on the Lord’s shore) whether I feel like it or not, whether I have perfect understanding or not, He will bring revelation. And by the strong arm of His spirit, He will propel me into growth by way of the rock of His revelation.

By reading God’s word in the simple faith that it will not return void of power, you place a smooth stone in His hand, and it will accomplish in you and around you what it is released to do.

Your rock, His arm

Antonette Weatherly

Antonette Weatherly is a wife, mother and minister who lives in the Sherman area. You can find her weekly serving at Victory Life Church. She can be reached at antonetteweatherly@gmail.com.  The views and opinions expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Herald Democrat.