GOOD MORNING: Spring is here and so are those traditions

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, there are some big celebrations just around the corner and I am on pins and needles about them even though I won't probably participate in any of them.

Hard to believe but is almost traditional prom season and I have been amazed at the number of young ladies on social media talking about nothing but those fabulous dresses. Some are asking people to vote on which dress the should wear and others are offering their opinions on the available dresses in their local marketplaces.

Will it be safe for them to go to proms? I am just an average person and what I think doesn't matter anymore than a pile of beans, but if they go to the prom with the same kids they are going to school with everyday (assuming they are back at school) and if they wear masks, are they at any greater danger of getting sick? I am sure that social distancing will be an issue. Maybe bigger schools hold multiple proms so not all of the kids have to be in the room at the same time? Maybe multiple outdoor events? Gosh, Texas weather in the Spring could make that a real turkey shoot. 

However, I have loved watching the youngsters share their dress decisions. 

And with prom season almost hear, graduation season isn't far behind. How will that go this yearm I wonder. In recent years we have run stories on youngsters decorating their caps for graduation. Some local schools allow it and some don't. As I have written these stories in the past, I have thought that it is a great way for a creative person to personalize their own experience but it could be hard on those who are not creative by nature.

Well, just leave it to the American entrepreneurial spirit to fill that gap. I saw a gal on TikTok who makes a living decorating other people's graduation caps. She takes orders all year long and was talking about this being her busy season. Some of the designs she showed in the video were amazingly detailed and very creative. I sam sure that they also cost a pretty penny, but considering all of the other things one spends money for graduations, it might not be such a wild thing. I could see them framed and hung up next to the diploma for a college graduate. 

I sure anyone who has the talent to do such thing but lacks an idea could find plenty on Pinterest or TikTok. Please check with the school in question about its policy about decorated caps first though. It would be shame to put all of that effort into something that has to stay at home on the big day. 

Way back in the day when I graduated from high school, the only thing that they policed was what we wore under our gowns and on our feet. Call me a rebel if you will, but I still don't think it should matter what one wears if it doesn't show under the gown. Goodness talking about all of this stuff sure makes me feel old. But also it makes me feel thankful for the education I received locally and proud of all of the teachers and young folks who will be taking part in these ceremonies this year, not matter what the celebrations end up looking like. Congrats to you all. You have almost made it through another completely crazy year.