GOOD MORNING: Flowering trees, a sure sign of spring

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Almost as much as I love watching the leaves change color in the fall, I adore seeing the flowering trees in the Spring. Have you looked around outside lately? Street after street is lines with bright white blooms on trees. Still other streets have bright pink flowers on trees. 

I would love to say with some authority that they are Dogwood trees, but I am no arborist. They could be crepe myrtles. Either way, they are gorgeous and a sure sign that the seasons are changing.

The winds that we have had lately have left a few yards looking like they were hit with a sudden snowstorm. The yards filled with pink look like someone sprayed them down with cotton candy.

Add to all of that the rose bushes that are startling to bloom and the daffodils and it begins to look like a fine painting. 

 "Texas Highways" says that March, April and May are prime months for wildflowers in the state. April, the magazine said, is also prime season for the state's most popular flower, the bluebonnet. 

While I too, love to see fields of bluebonnets, I am no longer a fan of seeing people putting their children in those fields for photo opportunities. We were one of those families that searched out perfect blue fields for photos until fire ants in one such field left my darling neice and my mother with little choice but stripping down as I drove down the road after one such sitting.

Now whenever my niece and I drive by such a plot of flowers, the poor dear just shakes her head and says "No."

I am hoping at some point we can find a pleasant memory to replace that awful one for her because I would love for her to enjoy their annual appearance as I did when I was a child.

This spring, I am especially enjoying the bright flowers because it just seemed as though this past winter was especially dark and cold. I know that really wasn't the case, but it sure seemed that way to me. 

Now that the flowers are all blooming, I can't wait to see the parks filled again with families.

Just a few days ago, I happened to drive by The Splash pool area and saw people walking around in there. The pool was empty looking, but just seeing people walking around inside gave me hope that the attraction will get to open up again this summer. 

Oh, just saying the words, "this summer," makes me want to do a little jig. I know there will come a point where I will be wishing the summer will end, but for now, I am looking forward to those warm days and nights ahead.