Good Morning: Meet the candidates

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

It is that time of year, yet again. No, not just spring, but the spring election cycle where voters will cast their ballot and have their voices heard on who is best to represent the community and make decisions on its behalf.

When voters hit the polls this May, they will be a number of items and races for consideration. Voters will decide who should sit on various boards and councils to represent their opinions and the items the things most matter to them.

In the coming days, the Herald Democrat will be publishing a series of articles highlighting the candidates for the contested races in the communities, primarily Sherman and Denison. Seats on the Sherman ISD School Board and Denison City Council, including the mayoral seat, will be up for grabs this cycle. 

This class of elected officials will help guide these organizations for the coming years, making this election an important one for each of these communities.

With that in mind, we will be publishing profiles on these candidates in an effort to inform voters about who will be on the ballot, their reason for running and what they seek to accomplish in these positions. This year's election cycle includes a variety of candidates with varying points of view, priorities and skills that can take these boards in a variety of directions.

Through these articles, I hope to help the public make informed decisions about who they feel is best suited for these positions. In the end, this will hopefully help ensure that the best person, whoever that may be, is chosen to take that seat.

The elections are currently scheduled to take place on May 1.