GOOD MORNING: Films to watch as Easter nears

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Hard though it is to believe, Easter is just a few short weeks away. I can't believe there is another holiday just around the corner. It still seems to me that Christmas was just a few weeks ago. In fact, I am really not sure that I am always for sure that this is 2021 instead of just the extension of 2020. 

I know that no one wants to go through another year of skipping holiday celebrations and family gatherings. We all had plenty of that in 2020. 

It is still too early to tell if we are going to be able to celebrate with large gatherings or egg hunts this year, so I went to the Internet for a list of movies that families can use to celebrate the holiday whether they want a religious observance or a secular celebration.

I have a few favorites on this list and I will call them out first. First I want to say that there is always a reason to watch "I can Only Imagine." While it is not exclusively Easter related, it sure does go to the heart of the issue with God's love for those us walking around down here on earth.

Now a little further away from church going, but no less a story of love, "Steel Magnolias" starts with a Easter preparations and ends that way too. Everything in between is about the love between some strong southern women for each other and their community.

Another great, but much older movie, is "Easter Parade" by Irving Berlin from 1948. There is even a musical recommendation with "Jesus Christ Super Star."

My childhood favorite pick for this list is "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown."  Another is "Here comes Peter Cottontail."

A more recent animated movie that had me in stitches and was somewhat Easter related is "Hop." I don't remember which year this was made, but I do remember that it was one of my favorite movies that year.

For those with little ones at home, there are a number of the Veggie Tales movies that will work for Easter celebration including, "Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie," "Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol" and "Veggie Tales:'Twas the Night before Easter."

Of course, no list of movies about Easter would be complete without "The Last Temptation of Christ," and "Risen" and then there's also, "The Story of Ruth."

So now that the stores are filled with Easter baskets and every kind of chocolate covered egg-shaped candy one can imagine, I hope we all get a chance to step back and think about the serious reason behind all of that candy and brightly painted eggs. I know some of the movies listed here have nothing to do with that. And I don't think there is any reason not to celebrate in a secular way, but I really hope that most of have time to stop and think about the love behind the death on the cross and then pour that love out to our families and community.

But that is just my grown up Easter wish list. In addition, I will be buying some of those caramel loaded chocolate covered eggs, because we all celebrate in our own way and mine almost always involves chocolate.

Jerrie Whiteley is the Criminal Justice Editor for the Herald Democrat. She can be reached at JWhiteley@HeraldDemocrat.com.