Good Morning: Which season is it again?

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

There is an old saying that if you don't like the weather in Texas, all you have to do is wait five minutes. With the volatility of Texas weather, all you need to do is wait and it will change to its polar opposite. I don't think this statement has ever been more true than it has been in recent weeks.

While this has reinforced my respect for the power of Mother Nature, I can't help but wish that she would choose a season and stick with it. 

In the past month, the region  has seen record low temperatures, extended freezes, record low high temperatures and one of the worst winter storms in generations. Only days later, temperatures were in the 70s. Then, we have a mixture of both, with cooler, muggy temperatures with rain and fog.

Earlier today, I was speaking with a co-worker about the weather and neither one of us were quite sure what season it was. One week it feels like the dead of winter, and the next it is the middle of spring. 

As someone with allergies and sinus issues, I can say the rapid shifts do a number of me. I'd almost rather it stated cold as long as there was some consistency to it.

While I want to hope that the warmer temperatures in recent days will stay, and that spring has come, I've seen enough march snow storms to commit to that. I am not quite ready to put away my long-sleeve shirts. At the same time, I have short sleeves at the ready.

However, until Mother Nature makes up her mind, I am just going to be taking it day by day.