GOOD MORNING: What about those storms Thursday night?

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Man, what about those storms Thursday night? I began to think my cars were going to float away and the lightning and thunder were enough to wake the deaf.

We could get more of the same in the coming days. From Saturday through Tuesday we have a fair to moderate chance of strong storms coming through again. So remember to roll up those windows.

After the winter storm that struck the week before, I am worried about the rest of the winter. There is always that one last storm right around Easter. And Easter is just a little over four weeks away.

Of course, some people are still dealing with the ice storm damage. And to those unfortunate souls, my heart goes out in a major way.

Spring begins on March 20 and I can't wait. I am even looking forward to the first heat wave of the summer. The first heat wave of the summer, I say. I will be over it by the second or the third. I like temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees and don't understand why things can't stay in that range. 

Recently, I was reading a book set in Maine. I was listening as I was trying to go to sleep at night and I literally burst out laughing because the author was talking about it being horribly hot there in the autumn. It was 80 degrees.

Eighty degrees here is perfectly fine for me just about any time of the year. OK, it could get a little cold around Christmas so we all have a reason to wear our Christmas t-shirts and drink hot chocolate. But by the time the baby New Year comes through, we need to be back at least into the 50s for highs ... upper 50s at that.

I know some might be tired of hearing me talk about the weather, but honestly after a year of being locked up at home, it is almost the only thing that is affecting us all in nearly the same way.

I will be so glad when the stores get their deliveries back and I can get my preferred kind of bottled water back. Also I can get the kind of bread I like instead of having to gratefully accept whatever is on the shelf. 

The best things about all of life's storms is the feeling of thankfulness that we feel when they are gone. 

 There were days when it was hard to remember to be thankful and there will be those days again in the future. But I will think back on those days in the dark and cold and the friends who called to help me hang on and make it through it, and again, i will be thankful.