GOOD MORNING: Finding the chill no matter the weather is important

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Now that most of us have thawed from the wintery weather that struck the area recently, some of may still be looking for a way to calm our frazzled nerves from all of that excitement of not having potable water for days or being in the dark and cold for days.

Since the white stuff all melted away, we have had lovely weather and the forecast for the next few days seems nice except for Thursday when we have a 70 percent chance of rain but at least the temperatures will stay in the upper 50s and lower 60s for highs and 40s and 50s for lows most nights for the next few days.

Those are temperatures that we are used to here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma and know how to deal with readily. 

So the weather has calmed down, but have you? What are some ways that you all use to calm yourselves after a stressful event? 

The internet suggests a nice long hot bat or a quick run to calm and clear one's head. 

I can go for the first one but am going to have to leave that  to people in better shape. If anyone out there ever sees me running, I promise it will be because something big and scary is chasing me. I might someday manage a nice jog, but for now I am sticking with a brisk walk. 

Those are usually taken with my schnauzer Bella and the internet also suggests that getting a dog or a cat can be a great way to add some calmness to your life. If you take that advice (which I am absolutely support) I would suggest that you think long and  hard about the type of dog you get. My schnauzer might not be everyone's idea of relaxing with all of barking that goes on with her breed. I will confess sometimes it stresses me out a bit, but then I get amused at the things that she barks at and remember that she really is just following her instincts and that too can be very calming.

For instance, my instincts tell me to get out in the pretty sunshine and to try to take things one at a time during stressful situations. That can be hard to do when the universe is throwing a dozen things at you at once, but I promise that remembering to just do things one step at a time will help you get through just about anything with a more relaxed feeling.

If none of those things work, there are a lot of local professionals to love to give you a nice massage or give those locks a new look or help your nails return to pre COVID-19 condition.

The point being do whatever it is that helps you step back and grab a big old gulp of fresh air both physically and metaphorically. 

That breath of fresh air might result from your first cup of coffee in the morning or those few minutes in the shower where you block out the rest of the world and just your mind go blank or let it wonder to far off places you would like to go or have been in the past. 

Either way you choose to relax, make sure to do enough of it to keep your heart and mind healthy and mood lifted.