Good Morning: I watch for the commercials

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

Over the weekend sports enthusiasts across the country tuned in to see the the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs during Super Bowl LV. For football fans, it was the culmination of yet another season with the biggest game of the year.

For me? I just tuned in for the commercials.

I've never been the biggest sports fan, but I've always caught at least some of the game each year simply for the commercials, which can range from the endearing and emotional to the downright weird.

This year seemed like it was going to be an odd one, with several major advertisers reducing the scope of their advertising efforts. The past year, was indeed unlike any other, and I went in expecting some changes.

Overall, however, it was pretty much like any other year. However, there were more winners than losers, in my opinion.

While none had the same lasting appeal of a Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, there weren't any real bombs like the Nationwide commercial about child mortality from a few years ago.

One of the reminders of COVID-19 pandemic came in the form of Ford's commercial, which focused on first responders, medical professionals and its campaign for donating personal protective equipment in lieu of vehicles.

In a year where the focus was more on the people around us, it was a nice touch. Others, however, stayed in true form for the typical Super Bowl commercial.

With a successful Super Bowl commercial, the main goal is to make the 30 seconds as memorable as possible. How the advertiser goes about that is another matter entirely.

This year saw Big Bird and the monsters of Sesame Street shill for DoorDash and the people in their neighborhood. Meanwhile, R&B singer Drake filled in as a stunt double for Jake, from State Farm.

Media platform Reddit filled the void left by Ford and started as a car commercial only to break away  in a five-second commercial. Given the cost of these ads, there is something to be said for being straight and to the point.

My favorite of the year probably has to go to Edgar Scissorhands, not to be confused with the more well-known Edward, advertising for hands-free driving. In an odd year, the levity of it all was appreciated.