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Good Morning: Celebrate the little things in life

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

I am not the only one who thinks January 2021 has felt six months long already, am I? Now that Christmas is over and spring has yet to arrive, these darkest months of winter can be hard to hang through.

But, there is always something to celebrate if we just look around. This week alone brought loads to celebrate. For instance, did you know that Tuesday is both National Peanut Brittle and National Spouses Day? S, maybe by your spouse some peanut brittle and let the little ones watch a movie while you tell each other thank you for all of the ways you have helped each other through the past year? Or maybe you share the candy with the kids and all sit around and laugh at all of the crazy things that happened during the quarantine at your home?

Then the next day, is one of the best days of the year. It is National Chocolate Cake Day. Oh, my word. if ever there were a reason to celebrate, this would be it. I don't see any rules attached to this like do you have to make your own cake or can you buy one already made? Must one share said cake? To keep portions in control, I will probably be breaking out a slice already baked from a local store. But I am marking "Eat Cake" on my calendar as we speak. That day, sadly enough, is also International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Maybe eat cake in honor of the thousands of people who lost their lives to that very dark period of world history?

Then on Thursday, cover your ears and let the littles in your house have kazoos because it is National Kazoo day. It is also National Lego Day. Maybe break out the blocks and build something awesome together and if you don't have youngsters, they are now selling some Lego sets that build some really impressive things like the Golden Gate Bridge or Hogwarts. So get yourself a set and get to building.

Friday brings us to National Fun at Work Day and National Puzzle Day. Now, I don't know about all of you, but most days as a journalist are National Fun at Work Day. That is not to say we don't work hard, because we do. We just generally, most of us anyway, find that work to be entertaining as well as enlightening or we wouldn't do it. and since putting together a news story is a lot like putting together a puzzle without a picture to go by for reference, we get to celebrate both those things at once. I would recommend looking around at local dollar type stores for new puzzles as i noticed, over the Christmas shopping season, that puzzles have gotten to be way pricey. 

Saturday, my bread loving friends is National Croissant Day! Oh, be still my no carb eating heart. Maybe I can sneak in just one chocolate filled one from a local bakery/ salad chain? I am betting it would be fabulous warmed up in air fryer. Which ever of these days you choose to honor this week, I hope you have fun, get a little more laughter into your home and make through the week with a little more pep in your step.