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GOOD MORNING: The unending hunt for good ice

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

Every once in a while life just throws you a home run when you don't even know you are in the game. Such a thing happened to me the other day at the grocery store of all places.

I had gone in to buy salad fixings because that is about all my doctor wants me to eat these days. Bored with the lettuce and the endless different kinds of slaw, I wandered over to the section where they keep all of the kitchen gadgets. No, I didn't need any new kitchen gadgets, but I am endlessly fascinated by all of the pretty little things for which I have absolutely no room. Besides, most of them are used to make things like bread and other things I no longer eat.

But, I digress. I was in that area of the store and I looked down and saw ice trays which that made me think about how old my ice trays are and how I should know when to replace them. My mom has been gone for more that three years now and still questions like these come up. 

I am tempted to get on the phone and call her. My back up call after my mom passed would have been to my friend Jo Ann Ecker who is also now gone.

So, I was standing there thinking are ice trays good as long as they don't have holes, and as long as you washes them every now and again? And, how long can you go before you does wash them? Am I supposed to wash them every time I empty them? That can't be true? My mother didn't do that. OK, Martha Stewart would probably do that, but then again, she would have some fancy ice maker.

So, all of that is going through my mind when I look down and see this blue ice tray that has very small round holes instead of the usual bigger square ones. This blue one looked as though it might actually produce the holy grail of ice. Say it with me ladies — Sonic ice. 

Now, I already have plenty of ice trays. In fact, I have so many that I couldn't fit another one in my freezer if I had to, but the thought of Sonic ice at my own house anytime I wanted it was just too much for me to resist.

So, I added it to my tomatoes, olives, blueberry cheddar cheese (you have to try that if you haven't already) and started to walk away. What if it did make the world's best ice and I only bought one and then when I went back to buy another, they were all out. 

It has been my experience that such things happen to random stuff you buy at the grocery store. But if it was a fail, then I would have two of them that didn't work.

Well, I got home with only one of them though it took all of the will power I could muster. And it isn't exactly like the best ice on earth, but for way less than a large iced tea at the world's most famous chicken place that isn't open on Sunday, it was a good start.

The ice it makes is about the size of two or three of the pellet ice cubes from Sonic, but still small enough to be crunchy without fear of needing a dental visit. One whole tray makes enough ice to fill up about a half of one of my off brand insulated tumblers. And I can get up and have that in the morning with my home brewed tea without ever having to get in my car and drive anywhere. I would tell you all the name of the ice tray, but it doesn't have one on it anywhere. Now I just have to reorganize my freezer so I fit in more trays.