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GOOD MORNING: What is the next holiday?

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

I know I recently complained that taking down my Christmas decorations has left me feeling a bit blah, but it seems like the fine folks who decide what to ship to local stores have me, and the rest of the world covered.

I looked a local store this past weekend and found stuff for not only Valentines Day, which I can understand, but St. Patrick's Day, Easter and even stuff for graduation season.

No one is looking forward to spring more than me, but I think those buyers are a getting way ahead of the game.

The folks selling decorations aren't the only ones who seem to be in a rush for the seasons though. We haven't even had winter yet but area stores are slashing prices on coats, hats and gloves and one store even had a display of swim suits out already. I suppose those will come in handy for those who are lucky enough to have access to heated pools but the rest of us are out of luck. I mean how many local people are buy cruise tickets right now? We don't know when they allow that type of social gatherings to resume. There were even some flip flops on sale at one place but I have to admit, I am one of those gals who will wear flip flops until there is snow on the ground especially if I can just making a quick run into the store for something. The store is heated, the car is heated and I generally have an emergency pair of rain boots in the car so if something were to happen, I could make a quick change. 

I can understand the exercise clothes all being on sale, but it is mostly geared for warmer weather. I don't need shorts yet people, I am just now breaking in my new sweat pants. And all of the camping gear has come back at certain stores. Do people camp in the winter? Oh boy not me. I am not leaving my nice warm heater behind until the day-time high temperatures get back into the 70s and stay there consistently. I like to sleep cold piled under many blankets so the overnight lows don't bother me indoors but I don't see sleeping on a cold hard, damp ground as a vacation mode. Not saying anything bad about those who do, different ideals for different folks and all. I am just saying my down like comforter isn't going any where any time soon.

Because I love love, I put up a few hearts in my windows in reference to the holiday, but I am having trouble figuring out what to put with them. I am on the look out for pink twinkle lights. Then, of course, I am going to need some green ones for St. Patrick's Day and some pastel colored ones for Easter. Then, I will just switch them out for red, white and blue and leave them that way till it is time to change them for the fall again.