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GOOD MORNING: Ready for spring yet?

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

This week I finally bit the bullet and took down my Christmas decorations. I had never really gotten around to putting up a tree so it was a much easier process than normal.

All I had to do this year was take the lights off the windows and front porch and take down a few little things that I had put up on the windows and doors. 

But now we are at that time of the year when everything just seems so drab and dull. It is way to early to plant flowers for spring but the lack of color when looking out my window just makes me want to cry.

I could almost stand it if we got a little snow every now and again to make things look all marshmallowy, but let's face it, there isn't much chance of that.

All we get are bare branches and, lately, straight line winds strong enough to rip up small trees.

I guess I shouldn't make that such a blanket statement. I looked outside yesterday and saw that the rose bush my mom planted a decade ago has a bloom on it. One single perfect red rose in January. 

It almost felt like some sort of sign from my mom that things are going to be OK and spring is coming if I will only hang on. Then that wind blew and like to have cut me in half.

The worst part about the weather this time of the year is the unpredictability of it. It could snow one day and reach into the 70s the next. Heck, if anyone dares it, it could probably do both those things in one day. 

I really want to try to grow some plants this spring for a large planter that sits on my front porch. It gets some protection from the elements but gets a good bit of sun in the afternoon. I bet some of our wonderful gardeners out there could make a recommendation or two. If you do so, please remember that I don't own a green thumb and the recommended plants need to be hardy enough to make it on their own if I forget to tend to them daily. 

And they need to be colorful and it would be great if it were something that would come back again next year without having to be hauled inside for the winter. This planted is really big and very heavy and I don't see me moving it around very much. However, it was a gift from a very dear friend who is now gone so I want very badly to see something bloom in it again.

I tried Hydrangeas in it, but I have had absolutely no luck getting those gorgeous plants to grow here in North Texas. Another favorite of mine is peonies but I think that would get too big for this planter if I were able to get them to grown. 

I guess I could fill the pot with pansies. They were a particular favorite of the friend who gave me the pot. Just thinking about planting things for the spring seems to lift the winter doldrums just a bit. 

Hopefully by the time we start to see the flowers sprouting again in this area this whole pandemic thing will be on its way out and we will all be able to gather around picnic tables with our friends and family and discuss what we are and are not planting. OF course, that will only happen if we are all really good sports right now and continue to social distance, wear masks and follow the guidelines about washing our hands and what not. They say April showers will bring May flowers, maybe this time around January mask compliance will bring May block parties?