GOOD MORNING: New fashions headed backwards

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

Back in the 1920s women raised their hems in a sign of independence. The flappers, as they were called, worse elaborately beaded dresses that sparkled at night and during the day they were sailor girl dresses.

A recent trip to some clothing stores has left me longing for those 20s rather than the ones we are currently living in. Someone somewhere decided that we, women anyway, want to dress like we just stepped off the stage of "Little House on the Prairie."

Laura Ingalls Wilder's characters would look right at home in a few of the dresses I saw at a local Target store this past weekend and they even had booties on sale that resembled the ones worn on that television program. These were, I am guessing, supposed to be spring outfits butt they looked like we were preparing for the dullest spring ever in the history of the world.

This is not, of course, the first time that the prairie look has come into style, but at least the last time the colors were vibrant. If fashion is going to continue to take its cue from television shows, I would much rather it look to "Bridgerton" or continue the 1980s trend repeat. Though, I will some there was a bit of prairie style going on then too.

One can only hope that the longer flowing skirts on these country frocks can mean jeans with holes the size of watermelons are going out of style again. As a teen of the 1980s, I can appreciate a slash or two in a pair of jeans but recently the stuff I have seen on some people looks like they were trying to see how much they could cut away and still have the garment hold together. 

I think it it is interesting that at a time when most of us are having the leas fun we have ever had as we try to stop the spread of a deadly virus, our fashion forward leaders think we want to look like we are not even capable of fun.

Maybe instead of showing off our ankles only in country girl chic, we should opt to upgrade the materials used for our beloved yoga pants and sassy t-shirts? Or go back to the very respectable dark, non holey denim with a nice crisp shirt and a blazer? 

Fashion should be about fun and functionality and I can't see either in this new trend. I have to say that my suggestion of going with the gorgeous styles shown on Netflix's "Bridgerton" probably wouldn't hold up to the functionality part of  that either. I am not really suggesting corsets are needed again or all of those petticoats, no matter how dreamy they make a dress look. Maybe clothes of the 1950s would be a good compromise? However, we would have to make pants acceptable for women to wear in public. I am not  in favor of any trend that tells a woman she must wear a skirt or dress. Some of us just are not built for them. 

On an interesting side note, I have seen several social media posts suggesting the newest fashion rage this spring will be dresses for men. Maybe that's the who the fashion makers had in mind as the customer for their "Little House on the Prairie" dresses? I say if we are going all in on men in skirts, they should all wear kilts complete with the ruffled shirts and jackets on top and the long socks and loafers on their feet. Of course, the wool is probably going to be a bit uncomfortable once the heat returns to Texas in April.   

Happy birthday to Bobby Brock and Audrey Wallace, both of Sherman. Happy anniversary to Howard and Ora Snell of Sherman,20 years.