Good Morning: A up-close look at Sherman's 'super school'

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

Late last week I, along with many members of the public, got a first-hand peak at the new Sherman High School as the district held a sneak peak and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Having watched the project from afar over the last few years, it always feels rewarding to see a project through to its completion.

For many of us, this was the first chance to see the school up close since the early days of the project. This was the first time that I was able to step inside the school.

The last time I had the chance to tour the site was in late 2019 when the construction was still in its early stages and much of the building was still skeletal. 

I can remember one of the developers for the project referring to the campus as a "super school" — a large facility that would serve as the only high school in the community. At the time I wrote that the name was apt due to the sheer scale of the project.

I felt this the most while in the massive auditorium, which was just towering bare walls at the time. While I didn't get the chance to see the auditorium last week, everything else has grown in scale to match it.

We were only able to tour a small portion of the school Friday, but what was available was impressive to see.

I am well aware that construction isn't completed, and you could tell that Friday. The project hasn't been without its difficulties and schedule setbacks have been a reality throughout the process. The campus was originally expected to open this past August, but here we are now.

Some walls still needed to have that finishing coat of paint. Some floors we not quite complete, and the floor of one of the basketball courts in the gym was under construction as members of the public toured the building Friday.

There is still plenty of work to be done, and the coming months are going to be a test for crews as they work to complete the work on nights and weekends. I am sure that everyone, including SISD would have preferred to be completely done by January 2021. However, that is where are today, and I think that there is plenty in that school building that is impressive.

Happy birthday to JaySean Steele and Richard McCracken, both of Sherman. Happy anniversary to Bobby and Linda Wilson of Denison, 52 years.