GOOD MORNING: New year needs to cut us some slack on the weather

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

If there is one thing that 2021 can do for most us, it would be to just let the weather be mild. We don't need any more raging wild fires in the West or snow-magedons in the East and goodness knows we don't need an ice storm right here.

We need the weather for this year to just pretend that it is the best friend character in a romantic comedy. It needs to show up and look pretty. Every once in a while, it can add a little bit of spice like maybe maybe a warm day in Feburary in Chicago or a not so hot day in Houston in July. It needs to remember that it shouldn't be the focus of the film and just hang out in the background making everyone feel safe and comfortable.

Locally, that would mean that the wintery weather that we might normally see in February and early March needs to confine its self to just long enough bouts of sub freezing temperatures to kill off all of those pesky bugs. Then we should shoot right back up into the 50s and lower 60s for highes and the 40s for lows until Spring. Then the highes should reach into the 70s and the lows to the 50s. Then when first summer comes in June it can get in to the 80s during the day and go down into the lower 60s at night. When August hits the highs can flirt with the 90s and the lows with the 70s. At no point this year should anyone have to talk about the century mark. 

Our air conditioners were all over worked last year and God willing, this awful virus will be out of here by then and we will all want to throw open our doors and windows and have block parties and backyard barbeques. 

We want to gather at local parks for festivals and live music and a chance to show off our new pets we all adopted during the lock downs. 

And my how we want to return to the public swimming pools and crowded lake front beaches. We want to escape the heat in icy cold movie theaters without worrying about the guy at the back who just coughed all of the way through the previews. 

I personally am not a fan of extreme weather in any form. I want the winter to be mild and I want summer to have some empathy and only last until we are all about ready to move to Alaska and then back off and give us a nice crisp fall for a change. 

This past fall felt like it went by in a blur of masks and cancelled events. I can't wait to plan to go to the Peanut Festival again even if I generally end up having to do something else instead. And I really can't wait throngs of children milling around the Municiple Building grounds for Fright Fest. I missed that so much last year on Halloween.

I figure as much as we all had to stay inside in 2020, the later part of 2021 owes us some Chamber of Commerce days to get out and enjoy gathering together again. I said the later part of 2021 because right now is not the time to be running around outside greeting people or forgetting social distancing. Miss Coronavirus is still making her rounds in a big way in our area and the only way to stop the spread is to keep on keeping on wearing our masks and keeping our distance. Bad weather would not help i that regard in any way at all, which is just one more reason to hope 2021 comes in like a lamb and goes out that way as well.

Happy birthday Saturday to Sharlynne Williams of Wylie and Bobbie Brown of Atlanta. Happy birthday Sunday to Rebecca Conrad of Howe; Carolyn Patrick of Sherman; and Lynnette Walters of Allen. Happy birthday Monday to Chris Hawthorne and Hope Hill, both of Sherman; Zach Litchford of Frisco; Ashlund Carson of Denison; and Tammy Cecil of Houston.