GOOD MORNING: Coming clean about 'The Home Edit'

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

Now that 2020 is officially over, I feel the need to come clean about something that I complained about in a good morning a few months back. It was about the television show "The Home Edit." See what I did there ... gonna come clean about "The Home Edit"?

For those who don't know, The Home Edit is a blog and a show on Netflix and practically a religion for some folks. But I wrote a GM saying that the show was basically just a big ad for their products. I mean there are some home organization tips, but mostly they tell you to go out and spend a whole bunch of money buying products to use to put your stuff in.

So, back to coming clean. I was sincere about my concerns about the price for things in the show but I was intrigued by the idea of getting my refrigerator to look less cluttered. But, I was not willing to spend the cash on the products they posted because then I wouldn't need a frig because I wouldn't have any groceries. 

So one day I am at a local discount store and I see a simpler version of a Lazy Susan for a price that I think makes sense. So I bought it and put in in my fridge. I don't want to over sell this, but almost life changing. I started just with salad dressing because I eat a lot of salad and I get bored with dressings so I have a few and they are always getting pushed to the back of the shelf and then they stay there to .... till months later I clean out the fridge and find that I have three of them because I couldn't see any of them.  

The one worked so well, that I went back to the store and bought another. That took care of the whole mayo, ketchup, mustard, problem. Then a few weeks later, I found another one for a reasonable price and I brought it home too. Now, i I can reach in to the fridge and pull out soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce without standing on my head trying to reach all of the way to the back of the shelf. 

After that, I felt so organized and cute that I picked up one of those drink holders and put it in there too so my carbonated water is easy to access. 

So now, my fridge looks a little like the ones on those television shows except mine never has a case of anything in it at one time. And, I have found that the only problem with all of the Lazy Susans is that they take up so much room that I don't have any left for left over food when I cook. 

Which means my fridge is kind of bougie, but I am hungry. 

Happy birthday to Lyndon Phea of Sherman; Joqueta McLaney of Pottsboro; Judy Webster of Melissa; and Carla Flowers of Denison.