Good Morning: A look back at 2020

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

In many, if not all ways, 2020 has been a year unlike any other. The ongoing pandemic has changed the ways that we live our lives — perhaps in a permanent way — down to how we work and interact with each other.

My own work has been affected by this as well.

One of the stories that I like doing about this time each year is a look back at the events of the previous year and what were the stories that were important in the communities that I cover. These stories, which will cover the cities of Denison and Sherman, will be running in the coming days.

With each story, I like to draw things together with a uniting theme. What did the stories from each city have in common? Was it a year of growth for the city of Denison? Did Sherman focus on setting the groundwork for future growth in coming years? It's a way to help organize a myriad of stories from the community.

However, for both cities, the COVID-19 pandemic will likely be the largest focus. Looking back, the disease, its affect effects and the cities' responses to the pandemic set the stage for almost everything that followed.

Through my first series of interviews for these stories, I didn't even have to bring up the elephant in the room. The conversation naturally went immediately to COVID-19, and that is where it stayed. Everything related back to it.

In my seven years reporting for the Herald Democrat, I do not think there has been a single story or event as universal as COVID-19 has been in 2020, and I doubt there ever will be.

Happy birthday to Kevin Hill of Sherman; Valerie Freels and Kinlee Cook, both of Denison; and Douglas Brooks of Savoy. Happy anniversary to Don and Frances Akin of Sanger, 65 years.