GOOD MORNING: Wish list project could use some help

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

The Herald Democrat's yearly wish list project is just about to get underway and we still have a spots left to fill. While we have received wish lists from many nonprofits in the area, we know we have not heard from them all.

The wish list project is designed to remind area residents about the good work done by these nonprofits year round and to allow the non profits to put out to the public the things they would really like to see come to the agency during this gift giving season.

In the past, area residents have come up with big ticket items for nonprofits like vehicles and major appliances, to name just a couple. So nonprofits are encouraged to include their hearts fondness desires for the agencies as well as the list of list of items needed daily just to keep going.

We know that this year, keeping going has been a real struggle for some of our area nonprofits so we ask that readers keep these fine folks in mind when considering charitable giving this season. 

The really sad twist to this awful year is that area nonprofits were very often forced to cancel their biggest fundraisers right a time when the services that they provide are needed the most by area residents who have been hit hardest by this pandemic.

One of the things that many of these agencies have said they need desperately is volunteers. That is something that many people can give without it costing them anything other than maybe the gas to drive to the location where they are needed. The tasks that these agencies need done  are almost never to arduous and, if the work is something that someone really can't do, most agencies will work with that person to find a way that they can comfortably contribute to the agency's mission.

The pandemic has made it harder from some of these agencies' most loyal supporters — retired folks, to get out safely and lend the hand that they have in the past. That means the agencies need the younger crowd to step forward where they can to fill in those spaces. Almost no agency every has all of the volunteers it needs and a critical shortage of that manpower can really hit an agency in its bottom line.

So whether its delivering meals for Meals-on-Wheels or becoming an advocate for CASA of Grayson County, or helping at one of the area food banks, every little bit of help moves these organizations closer to being able to do what they have always done in helping the areas most vulnerable residents.

Nonprofits should send their wish lists to news@heralddemocrat.com with Wish List in the subject line and please include a brief description of the agency along with list. Also, please include contact information so people know how and who to reach out to when they want to help make those wishes come true.

Happy birthday to Cody Hunter and Jimmy Thomas, both of Sherman and Shirley Phillips of Denison. Happy anniversary to Ashley and Micah Daugherty of Pottsboro, 10 years.