What to watch before or after the turkey dinner

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

Thanksgiving might be a little different this year and that might include what folks do for fun besides eating. Some families might opt out of going to a movie that afternoon and instead stay home to watch something.

So what is there to watch on Thanksgiving? Families with young children can't go wrong with the cartoon classics like a Charlie Brown, Winnie the Pooh, or Garfield Thanksgiving. Why not find them all and stream together a little marathon? 

For the slightly older, but still not way cool teenage crowd, why not try Jim Henson's "Turkey Hollow" and "Free Birds" ?

 For those who want something more traditional I would start with "You've Got Mail" and then have myself a  Nora Ephron / Nancy Meyers film festival by watching any number of the following movies, "Hanging Up", "When Harry Met Sally", "Sleepless in Seattle", "Mixed Nuts" and "Julie & Julia", "It's Complicated", "The Intern", "The Holiday", "Home Again", "The Parent Trap" and "The Father of the Bride." Realy all of these movies are about family and the wonderful and awful things they do to and for each other and therefore, are great Thanksgiving movies.

For those who like a little less feels with their holiday movies, why not go for an "Oceans" holiday marathon and watch "Ocean's 11" and everything that followed including the all female one, "Ocean's 8." Some people didn't like this movie, but I loved it.

Those who would like a little more music to go with their holiday could opt to stream a musical or two or three or four. I would say start with "Hamilton" if you have family that haven't seen it or if you have family that are still obsessed with it. Then you might move on over to PBS and stream "Disney on Ice" or "Tangled: the Musical" Or "Holiday Inn."

Those whose families officially kick off the Christmas season after Thanksgiving dinner might want  to watch "Miracle on 34th Street" and maybe watch the 1947, 1955 and the 1994 versions. 

If none of those grab anyone at home this year, why not make it a superhero Thanksgiving and  go all in for "The Avengers" or "Batman" or "Superman" or "Spiderman" or "Wonder Woman"? I know there aren't enough Wonder woman movies to make much a marathon yet, but give her time. Maybe you could do a female superhero theme instead and watch "Captain Marvel," "Catwoman" and or "Elektra"?

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a delightful day so many people might want to get out in the sunshine and take an afternoon walk or hang some Holiday decorations?

 My last suggestion is for the Thanksgiving weekend and of course, includes a trip to Grayson County's Holiday Lights which kicks off Friday night at 5:45 p.m. at Loy Park in Denison. There are lots of new displays this year including a brand new edition of the "12 days of Christmas" featuring LED lights. There is also new music this year on the radio station. They say it could rain that evening, but that won't keep the lights off so do drop in and enjoy that community sponsored event this weekend. 

Happy birthday to Kelley Frith of Denison.